7 Ways to Reduce Heart Attack Risk By 70%: Exercise

To keep your heart in shape, experts recommend at least two and half hours of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise each week. ProMedica Cardiologist Gopinath Upamaka, MD tells ProMedica HealthConnect correspondent Chrys Peterson that there are 7 things we can do to reduce our risk of heart disease by 70%. Dr. Upamaka says exercise is very important for your heart’s health. He recommends any activity from walking on the treadmill at home or taking a brisk walk around the mall, to using the steps at work and parking a little further away from the entrance than usual.

Making good lifestyle choices directly impacts your heart’s health. Learn how maintaining a healthy diet can decrease your risk of heart attack, and understand why limiting your alcohol consumption is great for your heart. Stay tuned for more videos in our 7 Ways to Reduce Heart Attack Risk By 70% series.