How I’m Preparing for a Regenexx Procedure

When a decades-old accident left Diane Lees with life-long knee pain and decreased flexibility, her search for relief led her to ProMedica’s regenerative medicine experts. Regenerative medicine uses the body’s own stem cells to rejuvenate hard-to-repair tissue. Each month, we’ll hear about her personal experiences through a blog titled My Joint Pain Treatment Journey.

Last month, I introduced myself to you and gave you some history about my background and why I have chosen to seek stem cell therapy treatment with Dr. Roger Kruse and ProMedica – specifically the Wildwood Family Practice.

Here is an update:

I have been in aquatic physical therapy for the past six weeks. It’s an interesting balance (and balance is a good word!) between resistance and strengthening activities, and I believe that I am seeing some good results. As a yoga instructor, I have/had pretty decent balance on land; but, in the water with other people “making waves” it is a bit more challenging.

In addition, I took three capsules of a CosaminDS supplement daily. While I am not certain WHAT it does, I can say that there has been some sort of difference. I still have terribly painful days, but, I have more days where I have minimal pain up and down the leg that will be treated with the Regenexx stem cell therapy in July.

On my visit last Wednesday, May 20th, my supplement was changed to one that will help increase stem cell development. I think it tastes nasty, but it’s not nearly as bad as a cough medicine! And, it’s only one ounce per day.

Physical therapy has been renewed for another six weeks, which I believe is a good thing. I like the water, the therapists are wonderful, and I believe I am stronger.

Lastly, I am to be fitted for a hinged knee brace, which I will wear before and after the stem cell injections to help keep the knee stable and the “baby” stem cells growing and happy.

I have been in contact with several others who have already had their treatments and they have been so incredibly encouraging because they have seen wonderful results. I have said all along that even marginally good results for me will still be better than the alternatives – especially since the joint does not need replacing.

I am currently scheduled to go back to Toledo on July 16th, 21st, and 23rd. The procedures will begin with some fluid – probably a saline-type injection into the joint to get it ready for the stem cells. Then, on the 21st the stem cells will be “harvested” from my hips (yes – both hips!), “spun” in a centrifuge and injected back into my knee. The thinking right now is three injection sites, but it may be only two.

On the third visit (my car is going to get a lot of miles in July!) I will have a blood draw and then both platelets and plasma will be injected into the knee.

Then, I get to go home and stay home to recoup for a about 3-5 days before I can get back to a fairly regular routine. I won’t be running any races or riding my bike 100 miles – but I should be able to walk my dogs and teach my classes.

Tune Into My Podcast with Dr. Kruse
If you’ve read the previous blog entry, you know that I produce and host The Outspoken Cyclist, a weekly radio show about everything bicycling. That includes information about diet, training, and a variety of medical modalities. We’ve discussed Parkinson’s disease, shoulder and elbow issues (many cyclists break their collar bones in over-the-handlebars crashes), and asthma for example. We have had a lot of professionals in their fields on the show to discuss these topics.

So, on June 6th, you can tune in to the show and hear Dr. Kruse and I discuss his work and how stem cell therapy is changing the way people look at treatments.

We will be on air from 5:30- 6 p.m. EST at 88.7FM in the Cleveland area, streaming, or you can download the podcast from iTunes,, or after 6:30 p.m. the same evening.

Stay tuned anyway, I’ll be sending up the next blog in July.


DBL_4_smDiane Lees is a 41-year veteran of the bicycle industry, where she owned and operated a custom fit, design, and build bicycle shop for many years. She is the author of the HubBub Guide to Cycling, the producer and host of The Outspoken Cyclist radio show, and a registered yoga instructor. Diane calls the Cleveland, Ohio, area home.