On Vacation: Keeping a Positive Body Image with Psoriasis

I think we can all agree that vacations are something we look forward to. After I booked my trip to Florida in March, I couldn’t wait to leave all my worries at the door, be in the 80 degree weather, and more excitably, be on the beach. But there’s one fear that I forgot to leave behind: Are people going to judge me because of my skin?

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Preparing for my trip involved frantic trips to Target looking for shirts and dresses that could cover my chest and collarbone area where my psoriasis showed. I forgot how challenging shopping was now that I couldn’t hide behind turtlenecks and scarves. And bathing suit tops? Don’t even get me started.

Once in Florida, the first two days you couldn’t even tell I had psoriasis. The sweet rays of sunshine had cleared me up. But with psoriasis comes flare ups and sure enough, it flared up. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get envious looking around and seeing young women being carefree in their summer tops or bathing suits, while I had ugly, red blotches all over that were darn near impossible to cover up.

Callie Dudek

Surprisingly so, as the days flew by I totally forgot about my skin insecurities. I was having so much fun, I didn’t have time to think about what was running across people’s minds as I walked by. So what if people stare? Everyone has their flaws. It’s not worth ruining a vacation by worrying about what people think over something that can’t be changed.

Tell me, how are you learning you love your flaws?

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Callie Dudek is a public relations coordinator at ProMedica. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Toledo.