ProMedica and Cleveland Clinic Second Opinion Program Gives Peace of Mind

Dr. Stephen Goldman is a respected geneticist who’s published numerous research papers and books. He still writes nearly every day. For decades, he was a professor at the University of Toledo and administrator of a multi-million dollar research project on plant genetics.

His expertise served him well when he went to the doctor with a horrible pain in his shoulder. Turns out, it was cancer and it was metastatic. “It was lung cancer, with mets to the bone,” Stephen remembers.”I had a mutation in the cancer of the lung which is responsive to a certain type of chemotherapy…and within three or four months it was gone.”

A targeted daily chemo pill got rid of the cancer and periodic screenings showed Stephen was cancer-free for five years–an amazing response according to doctors. But when the cancer came back, he had to try a different drug. Although it seemed to beat back the cancer, it also caused a lung reaction so severe that Stephen had to stop taking it.

To help him weigh his options, Stephen turned to a beloved former student, Kenneth Krupp, MD, with ProMedica Cancer Institute.  ProMedica doctors recommended that he take a rest from the treatment and keep a close eye on the cancer. They also offered him the opportunity to participate in ProMedica’s alliance with the Cleveland Clinic through the second opinion program.

Dr. Krupp says, “To have that [alliance] as a physician is another part of the armament that you have to get the very best care for the patient, so it’s very important. And they’re a very good group of folks to work with.”

Stephen adds, “It’s a world class facility. Having this linkage with the Cleveland Clinic, you’re providing your patients with access to a world class institution. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

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ProMedica’s alliance with the Cleveland Clinic gives patients like Stephen access to specialists–who collaborate with ProMedica doctors on rare and unusual cases–and to expanded research studies and drug trials.

“We have a streamlined process to do that–a phone call–and that really helps instead of the patient trying to do that on their own,” explains Dr. Krupp. “The care here is excellence and we just have a way to augment that. This is all about giving the best we can to the patient.”

The alliance provides coordinated care, which means that even when Cleveland Clinic doctors collaborate, most patients receive treatment through ProMedica facilities close to home with their support system around them. When Stephen went to Cleveland Clinic, doctors there agreed with the treatment plan suggested by his ProMedica doctors, which gave him additional confidence in his decision to stay off the chemo.

“He had another expert opinion telling him what we were saying and put his mind at ease,” says Dr. Krupp. “He’s OK with it and that makes all the difference.”

Stephen now gets screened every few months to make sure the cancer is staying away, and he’s able to do it where it’s convenient for him–at ProMedica faciltiies in Northwest Ohio, knowing he has an amazing team of experts behind him, helping him fight the cancer.

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