When Osteoarthritis Ruins Your Vacation (And How to Fix It)

Janice Tedrow is a proud grandmother, though her opinion of grandmothers was a bit clouded before.

“I grew up thinking grandmas were old, gray-haired ladies that just baked cookies,” she laughs, “But I like to stay active with the kids.” When she isn’t babysitting and playing with the grandkids, she likes staying active in another way – traveling. A self-proclaimed “Dis-nerd,” Janice and her husband take Disney vacations fairly frequently.

janice tedrow disney cruiseJanice’s osteoarthritis used to keep her down in the form of knee, hip and shoulder pain. She had her shoulder replaced in 2010, which helped some, but on a later trip to Disney World, she needed the help of her husband and a wheel chair to lessen the pain she felt while walking. In 2011, Karl Beer, MD, replaced Janice’s right hip at ProMedica Wildwood Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital. She currently receives knee injections to help with joint inflammation and pain.

Not long after her hip replacement, Janice and her husband went on their very first Disney cruise to Alaska. The verdict?

“Like night and day, and I had my knees injected less than a week before I went on the cruise, so that made things even better.” An event like a vacation is a special occasion, but Janice is equally happy for the everyday tasks she can complete fairly easily, like walking, getting in and out of vehicles and sleeping.

“Sleep is much better. Before my hip surgery, my sleep was affected because it would wake me up at night. I lost a lot of weight too because my appetite was affected. You just don’t feel good. I do enjoy eating and I’m glad I can be normal in that aspect, too.”

Her grandchildren also noticed a change.

“I was running around with my grandson and he turned to me and he said, ‘Grandma, you did good.’ That made me smile and laugh, and I was very happy he noticed that.”

As for the many struggling with joint pain, Janice has a message to them.

“I’d urge them to see one of the Wildwood doctors. It’s your quality of life. Life is so much better when you can move.”


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