Your Hearing: What is Tinnitus?

Some people are familiar with occasional ringing in the ears that comes after long exposure to loud sounds, such as a concert. However, those with a condition called tinnitus must live with that ringing 24 hours a day.

“Tinnitus is really the perception of sound when there is no external source for the sound,” said Tracy Tunis, F-AAA, an audiologist with ProMedica Physicians Ear, Nose and Throat. “In other words, an individual is hearing something and it’s not occurring anywhere in the environment.”

Generally, tinnitus is caused by a change in someone’s body – be it physical or mental. It can come from certain medications or noise exposure, but often the cause of tinnitus is unknown.

Health correspondent Chrys Peterson talks with Tunis in the video below about tinnitus, its symptoms, and how to treat it.

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