Are You Asking Your Doctor the Right Questions?

At a doctor visit, you may feel like you’re in the hot seat answering questions about your medical history. Turns out, doctors like when you turn the tables.

That’s because patients who ask questions are typically more engaged in their care. Questions lead to open conversation and ensure that you’re learning the most about your health, your care and your options.

Asking questions doesn’t come easy to everyone. And it can be hard to think of questions on the spot. But questions can be especially helpful in understanding more about your health when:

  • Coming in for your annual check-up
  • Learning about test results or a diagnosis
  • Considering treatment options
  • Preparing for surgery or other medical procedures

Even seemingly simple questions such as “If my symptoms worsen, when should I contact you?” and “What is the cost of the treatment?” can help you take control of your health and get all of the information you need before heading home.

Need help finding the right words? Download this list of potential questions to ask your doctor for ProMedica Physicians to use as a guide. Use this list and add your own questions to make sure you have a full understanding of your health.

PPG187 Infographic_questions 2