Being There: Advice For Expectant Dads

Having a baby doesn’t have to be one-person job. As a husband or partner, you are not able to physically give birth. Yet there are numerous ways you can help prepare for the arrival of your new son or daughter.

Jeffrey Judis, MD, obstetrician and gynecologist with ProMedica Physicians, states that pregnancy is stressful for women. If you want to do more for your partner during this physically and emotionally demanding time, there are several ways to show your support. Dr. Judis offers the following advice for expectant dads:

  • Offer emotional support by letting your partner know you love her and that she is attractive. Try doing something special for her each month to demonstrate how much you care.
  • Go to the doctor with your partner. This is an important time that both of you can share. By accompanying her to appointments, you’ll learn what needs to be done to have a healthy baby. You can also attend birthing classes together, which will help you mentally prepare for the big day.
  • Support your partner’s healthy lifestyle. It’s easier for your partner to maintain a healthy diet if you follow one as well. And if you smoke, please seek help to quit. Secondhand smoke can harm your baby.

The best way to be a good parent is to nurture fun, teamwork and intimacy in your own relationship. Bringing a child into a safe and loving home starts during pregnancy.