Confessions of a Drive-Thru Mother

It’s the lament of many a mother after a long day at work: “What will I fix for dinner?” Truthfully, if it was just about me, I would have a bowl of cereal or a Pop-Tart. I LOVE breakfast dinner!

Alas, it’s not just about me, the mom, so my mind races to the contents of the pantry and refrigerator trying to figure out what I can whip up in a jiffy for my daughter, when there—rising on the horizon—I see it: The golden arches! I hear a high-pitched, angelic chord and think “Yes! The answer to my prayers!”

It’s so easy to pick up already-made-dinner from the drive-thru. Of course, it’s not a problem once in awhile, but in this fast-paced world where everybody in the household has a different schedule, it seems like fast-food dinner is becoming the norm, not the exception in my house. (And here are some good reasons to avoid it.)

I do get up every morning and make sure my daughter, Riley, eats breakfast. I also pack a healthy lunch for her to take to school. That counts for something, right?! But when it comes to dinner, I’m a failure. This is one of my greatest guilt-trips as a mom. Will my daughter’s poor eating habits lead to a lifelong battle with high cholesterol? Is she getting all the nutrients her teenage body needs? The guilt is worse when my husband is counting on me for a home-cooked meal. Why can’t I plan ahead better? Why don’t I make meals more of a priority? Ugh.

I know I’m not alone—I’ve seen some of you in the line at the drive-thru! (Ha ha!) But I also know some of you have this routine down to a science, with healthy, home-cooked meals every night of the week. I’m asking you to share. Not your meals…just your tips!

ProMedica HealthConnect is creating a Facebook community to talk about healthy eating, share recipes and snack ideas and support each other as parents and we need your help! Are you like me, looking for meal tips? Maybe you have great ideas you’d be willing to share with those of us who struggle?

Let’s learn and share together! I’ll be moderating the comments, questions and suggestions while other HealthConnect experts answer your questions and offer healthy eating advice. The Let’s Eat Healthier! Challenge will take place October 19-26. I can’t wait to hear from you! My daughter, and my husband thank you, too!

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Chrys PetersonFor 20 years, Chrys Peterson was the face of WTOL news, anchoring the 5, 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts. She is now a correspondent for ProMedica HealthConnect and spokeswoman for Friends for Life, a monthly newsletter for women that offers health and wellness advice with a focus on cancer prevention.