Dr. Masood’s 5 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Naghmana Masood, MD, always wanted to be a physician and coming from a family of doctors, it seemed like a natural thing for her to do. Her father, a physician, instilled in her a philosophy that influences her approach to care today.

“My dad would tell me treat your patients like they were your family,” said Dr. Masood. “In fact, they are like an extended family to me. So you would be patient with your family; you would be understanding; you would be a good listener.”

Her goal to have a personal touch explains why, when it comes to sharing tips for a healthier lifestyle, she uses her last name, Masood, as a memorable acronym for her patients. Here’s what Dr. Masood recommends:

M: Moderation and Meditation

“Practice moderation in anything that you do, whether it’s diet, exercise, or work. Start your day with meditation and end your day with meditation.”

A: Awareness

“If you are afflicted with an illness and you’re trying to manage your chronic illnesses, be more aware of how to prevent complications. Educate yourself.”

S: Sound Sleep

“I am a big advocate of sound sleep. You want to be able to achieve a good restful, restorative sleep.”

OO: Optimizing Efforts, Overcoming Obesity

“The two Os are for optimizing your efforts in improving your quality of life and overcoming obesity. I say obesity because I feel like this is becoming a huge problem in the modern age and even childhood obesity is getting very prevalent.”

D: Daily walks

“If it’s negative 20 degrees outside, I’d rather that you stand in one place in your home and you do a marching walk. Daily walks are very helpful in order to keep a nice balance for a healthier, good quality of life.”

Personalizing your health goals will help you feel more connected to them and committed to achieving them. Can you use your name as an acronym for your health philosophy or healthy lifestyle tips? Share in the comments below.

Watch Dr. Masood explain these tips in her provider video.

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