Healthy Facial Hair Removal

Everyone wants to look their best, and for some, that means getting rid of unwanted hair. But before you go somewhere to tame those eyebrows, make sure that the place you select has your health — and beauty — in mind.

Nicole Walsh, CMA, ProMedica Physicians Plastic Surgery, advises that not all hair removal locations and methods are equal. “Before you go anywhere to wax you should make sure it’s definitely a reputable location. They should have some specialty in waxing as well,” she says.

Walsh says she likes to have some consultation with her patients first to go over health history. This helps her choose the best products and wax for each person — whether it be honey, satin or zinc wax.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to wax safely from our ProMedica aesthetician. And stay tuned for tomorrow’s video on facials —the final installment in this week’s series, Fashionably Healthy.