How a Grief Support Group Led to a Heartwarming Brotherhood

Sam Bellestri and Ray Maliszewski, two military veterans, have been friends for more than a decade. After losing their wives, they were brought together by grief, joining ProMedica Hospice’s men’s grief support group in Monroe, Mich.

“I needed some kind of help, and I didn’t know what kind,” said Ray. “This seemed to be the answer, and it was.”

Over the years, Sam and Ray have shared tears and laughter and have gotten to know each other’s fears and dreams. They’ve even shared the loss of some of their good friends in the support group, which has been like a brotherhood to them both.

Sharon Ralston, ProMedica Hospice Bereavement Counselor, said the support group offers a camaraderie that allows people to grieve in a healthy way. “People grieve,” she explained. “You’re either going to do it constructively or destructively.”

Watch the video above to see this unique friendship and the generous gift one gave in memory of their friend.

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