ICU Nurse Talks About Her Dad’s STEMI Heart Attack

In June of 2014, Wood County resident, Jack Mattox, experienced a serious heart attack while working in his barn. All the classic symptoms were there: sharp pain between his shoulder blades, shortness of breath, and heavy sweating. Jack assumed he was having a heart attack, and not the kind you survive from.

But Jack did survive, and it’s all because of the right people being in the right place at the right time — including Jack’s son and daughter who helped him get to ProMedica Toledo Hospital in record-breaking time.

Behind every heart attack survivor are loved ones with stories to share. Watch the video below to hear daughter, Codi Dowe, a Toledo Hospital ICU nurse, talk about her experience after hearing the news of her father’s STEMI heart attack and the swift action she took to help save his life.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital is only hospital in the region with a cardiologist on duty 24/7. Learn more about the crucial heart attack care provided at Toledo Hospital and share your story with us.