Is Your Pedicure Doing More Harm Than Good?

Some people enjoy a good pedicure now and again, but some common practices could be doing more harm than good to your nails.

David Witt, DPM, a podiatrist with ProMedica Physicians, says our toe nails are living tissues, so slathering on layer after layer of polish can contribute to yellowing of the nail. Letting your nail “breathe” for a few weeks is a great way to make sure they stay healthy, but if you’re still noticing some yellowing, it could be a fungus. Your podiatrist will know for sure about the condition of your nail, and can prescribe something for the fungus.

Dr. Witt also has some words of wisdom when it comes to choosing the best nail salon in the below video. Stay tuned for even more health and beauty videos from this week’s series, Fashionably Healthy, where we’ll detail common beauty practices like waxing, wearing high heels and receiving facials.