Manly Advice: Dealing With Stress

Stress comes in many shapes and sizes. It can develop into healthy and a not-so-healthy behaviors. And we all deal with stress in our own personal ways. Some men tend to take their stress levels to the limit, opting not to discuss their worries with someone who might be able to help.

“We’re taught from the very beginning that we have to stay strong, be men, and take care of our families at all costs,” said Sanjiv Josh, MD, MPH, family medicine with ProMedica Physicians. “It can be very difficult for men to admit they are stressed, as it could show weakness.”

But Dr. Josh explained that your health is more important than pride. Men experience stress from a variety of factors, ranging from financial and work issues to relationship problems or family emergencies. Dr. Josh mentioned several ways for men to appropriately deal with stress, no matter where it originates:

  • Meditate, pray, think: Research shows that men who are able to take time to ponder their situation are more equipped to handle their stress, and keep it from escalating.
  • Exercise: Practice deep breathing exercises to alleviate the stress and find clarity.
  • Find support: Whether it’s talking to a family member, friend or counselor, seek out a support system full of people you trust.

The biggest takeaway, according to Dr. Josh, is to talk about your stress. Get it out in the open. “Once you realize your stress can be shared and alleviated by those who care about you, including your family, spouse, friend, pastor, and doctor then it will start to feel like less of a burden on your shoulders.”

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