Pregnancies Everywhere: When Baby Fever Strikes

A few weeks ago after a trip to the Toledo Zoo, I texted a friend ‘I see pregnant people.’

I’m serious. Baby bumps were everywhere. At the aquarium, near the elephants, by the polar bears and at the Africa! exhibit. It was as if they were following me, calling me, saying join us, don’t you want one, come on, you know you want to. I made sure to visit all the areas my children enjoy but I got out of there as quickly as I could.

I can’t seem to escape the pregnancy “propaganda.” It’s everywhere. I can’t even watch television without pregnancy entering the storyline. One of my current favorite shows, ABC’s black-ish, ended the season with the lead female character Bo discovering she was pregnant. And one of personalities on a vlog I frequent on YouTube called What’s Up Moms? just had her third child.

Besides the prego sightings, I field questions from people wondering if we are going to have more kids, asking if I want to have a son and most recently, declaring I should bring the large family back and have four or five more kids. Um… no!

But if I’m honest with myself, the idea of having one more child has been on my mind a lot. Lately, I find myself looking at families with more than two children wondering about their family dynamics. I look at my girls and my household and think about how a baby would change things.

These thoughts make me laugh because I vividly remember telling my husband when I was in labor at the hospital with Baby Sis to remind me of how much this hurts if I say I want to do it again. But I also remember the sense of sadness that came over me as I was being wheeled out of the hospital realizing this may be my last time at the labor and delivery rodeo.

Right now, it’s just thoughts. All those pregnant women look so cute. Those newborn babies are just so tiny. And I hold my girls close and remind them that they will always be my babies even when they are all grown up.

Serena Smith is a senior marketing communications specialist at ProMedica. Click here to read more posts from Serena’s monthly series, Working Mommyhood.