Preparing Your Only Child for a New Baby

Kids say the darndest things, and my daughter is no exception, but do we really know what’s going on in those little minds of theirs?

Since we shared the news that she was going to be a big sister, we have been trying to prepare her for how it will change our household. From toddler television shows featuring characters adapting to new siblings to the mound of books I borrowed from the library, it’s a topic we’ve been trying to keep at the forefront so she’s not taken by surprise.

We’ve discussed what babies can and can’t do when they are born – no toys or blankets in the crib, the crying at all hours of the day and of course, those stinky diapers. I’ve also covered the ways she can help take care of the baby – being quiet while she’s sleeping, bringing mommy a diaper when needed and keeping a watchful eye out for her.

The hubby and I are finding ways to make sure our daughter feels special and included throughout the pregnancy. I took her to one of my OB appointments so she could hear the baby’s heart beat and the hospital maternity tour so she could see where the baby would be born. We moved her out of the nursery into her big girl room about a month before my due date. She was so excited. We painted the walls purple, her favorite color, and got her new bedding, a dresser and a bookcase.

When the baby arrives, I have a big sister gift prepared – a big sister long sleeve t-shirt so the whole world will know about her new status. I may add a toy to the package. I haven’t decided yet.

So far, I think our efforts are paying off. She wants to hug and kiss the baby (my belly) every day, multiple times a day. She talks about how cute the baby is and whenever she sees babies or pictures of babies, she points them out with an excited voice. When we walk by baby sections of stores, she wants to buy something for her Baby Sis.

Only time will tell how she will react and I’m sure there will be ups and downs, but all in all, I think we’re on the right track.

Serena Smith
Serena Smith is a senior marketing communications specialist at ProMedica. She is responsible for facilitating media coverage of ProMedica and writes health articles for ProMedica HealthConnect. Her passion is health and wellness. She’s an avid runner and enjoys competing in half marathons. She loves to read, watch television and spend time with her husband and daughter.

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