Sitter Tonight? Be Ready With This Emergency Contact Form

An evening out can be exciting and much needed for parents, but leaving your child with a sitter can be a little stressful. Ensuring you have an experienced sitter with first aid and CPR training is important for your child’s safety and can ease anxiety when you are away.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents show sitters how to be prepared for an emergency by discussing fire escape routes, having emergency supplies ready and talking with your sitter about any medical needs and allergies.

Because minor injuries are unpredictable and inevitable, every household should have its own first aid kit. You can purchase one at your local convenience store, or even create your own. For minor injuries such as scrapes, scratches and stings, make sure your household first aid kit is fully stocked and up-to-date. Build your first aid kit with help from this article with ProMedica Wellness specialist Taylor Jesko.

In addition, it can be helpful to discuss symptoms in children that should never be ignored, such as a high fever, a severe headache or a widespread rash.

An emergency contact form can be helpful to ensure that the sitter has all the information he or she needs in one spot. Print and fill out the form below before your next night out!


Download and print the emergency contact form.