Teens Invited to Text and Drive on Distracted Driving Simulator

Although texting while driving is illegal in both Michigan and Ohio, unhealthy habits can be difficult to break, which is why teaching young drivers the danger is so important.

Through the ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital/Safe Kids Greater Toledo Injury Prevention and Community Outreach program, teens are invited to text and drive on a distracted driving simulator. The simulator was made possible through State Farm and Maria Tiberi Foundation funding and is taken to events throughout the community to raise awareness among teens of the dangerous distractions of devices, food and even passengers while they are driving.

“Distracting driving in general, throughout the United States, has killed or injured over 440,000 people every year,” said Gina Veres, Injury Prevention & Community Outreach, ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital.

While a simulator can help reduce that statistic, parents play a necessary role as well. Veres explains, “If a teenager sees their parent texting and driving, they’re twice as likely to text and drive themselves.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the distracted driving outreach program and see how the simulator works.

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