Working Mommyhood: Embracing Community

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines community as a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc.

Community is one of the reasons why I love running. It is the community of runners who train with me, support me and push me beyond my limits to be the best running me I can be.

When I first started running in 2007, it was those friends, acquaintances and even strangers who encouraged me to run a 10K when I was in the 5K comfort zone. They pulled me into the whirlwind excitement of running half marathons two years later and I haven’t looked back (I have nine under my belt so far).

It’s great when you can show up to a group run, not know anyone and still feel a part of something greater. What’s even nicer is when you’re on a solo run and the stranger running past you smiles, nods his head or says good job.

Like running, there’s a community of moms. In that community, I find comfort when I’ve had a particularly rough day. It’s a place where I realize that I’m not alone. When I read my friends’ posts on Facebook or visit the What to Expect discussion boards, I witness the celebrations of the highs and the collective support during the low moments.

Yes, there are some negative nellies and judgmental women in the community of moms, however well-intentioned they may be. But the supportive many outweigh those folks that my former pastor would say require a little extra grace.

I share all this to say that we’re all in this together. Whether I break the tape or if I’m in the middle of the pack, we have the same goal – to finish the race. For mothers, it’s to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. That next generation that will hopefully make this world a better place.

Serena SmithSerena Smith is a senior marketing communications specialist at ProMedica. She is responsible for facilitating media coverage of ProMedica and writes health articles for ProMedica HealthConnect. Her passion is health and wellness. She’s an avid runner and enjoys competing in half marathons. She loves to read, watch television and spend time with her husband and daughter.