Working Mommyhood: Sharing the News

So now that I was “officially” pregnant, we had to decide when to share the news. I can be emotional but I’m also a very practical person. Since the risk of miscarriage decreases the longer you’re pregnant, I waited until I was 13 weeks before sharing the news with family. My husband and I called our parents, close relatives and friends to share the news. While my husband was on the phone with is mother, I heard the scream of joy through the phone and laughed. My side of the family is a little more subdued and simply offered their congratulations.

Next was figuring out how to tell our daughter. I had these grand ideas of buying her Big Sister t-shirts and having her open gifts in honor of her impending role. What ended up happening is that my husband told her while we were on the couch watching Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr.

At first, I don’t think it registered with her. She was focused on her show and tuning him out. The next day, I started talking to her about being a big sister and the concept slowly started to catch on.

Recently, we introduced our daughter to PBS Kids, specifically a show called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. It’s a show that is based on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which I watched as a child. Several shows follow Daniel as he adjusts to having a baby sister. As I watch the program with my daughter, it sparks some great conversations about having to be patient when your parents have to care for your sibling and learning to play differently when a baby is around. I hope she remembers the lessons she’s learning as she watches the program when she is in Daniel’s shoes.

Last, I had to deliver the news at work. I thought about playing a joke on my supervisor and handing her an envelope with the news as if I was going to resign but decided against it. When I was around 16 weeks, I went into her office and shared that I was pregnant. She probably screamed louder than my mother-in-law and gave me a hug. Now that the cat was out of the bag, she shared her suspicions that something was up after she witnessed how much I was eating while on a business trip.

Now that I’m freely sharing that I’m pregnant (the bump kinda gives me away now), it’s nice to hear the words of encouragement from family members, friends and coworkers. I’ll need it when I’m sleep deprived and waddling around in a few months eagerly awaiting the arrival of my little one.


Serena Smith

Serena Smith is a senior marketing communications specialist at ProMedica. She is responsible for facilitating media coverage of ProMedica and writes health articles for ProMedica HealthConnect. Her passion is health and wellness. She’s an avid runner and enjoys competing in half marathons. She loves to read, watch television and spend time with her husband and daughter.