Health Care Connection: Introducing the ProMedica App

In the growing world of eHealth, there seems to be an app or device for just about everything concerning health and wellness. And it’s not a passing craze. The prominence of mobile health tools indicates an industry shift that is changing the doctor/patient relationship. This is why researchers and developers at ProMedica are localizing the mobile health trend with a new app to benefit patients — past, present and future.

“As health care consumers, we want access to our health information,” explains Michael Mikosz, director of Interactive Media with ProMedica. “We want it to be convenient and accessible, where and when we want or need it. From mobile devices to wearable tech, we want choice in how we gain access. And, it has to be convenient for both patients and providers. The ProMedica app aims to do just that: Provide a foundation on which to continue and build a relationship with consumers that is accessible, convenient and coordinated.”

How It Works

Designed to serve patients “on the go”, the ProMedica app today functions to help you stay connected to the healthcare and services you need the most, including easy access to hospitals, physicians offices and emergency rooms. It functions as a location guide, identifying the nearest ProMedica facility suited for your health care concerns.

The ProMedica app is easy to use and contains several convenient features, including:

  • Find a Facility: This feature can help you quickly locate the nearest ProMedica hospital, labs & radiology services, and provider office.
  • Find a Doc: Looking for a doctor? Maybe you have a specific provider in mind, or you want to find a doctor’s office closer to home. With the ProMedica app, you can search for doctors within a certain zip code radius, or pinpoint doctors who provide the specialty that you need.
  • Find a ProMedica ER: You hope you’ll never need to, but if you must visit the emergency room, the ProMedica app can help you find the closest ER.

The Future Now

As progress in the medical and business technology fields continue, so will the functionality of the ProMedica app. Developers are looking at leaders in the industry, as well as early adapters, to assess everything the app could and should be.

“ProMedica continues to anticipate the market shift towards eHealth to meet our patients where and how they want to be met,” Mikosz says. “From device connectivity to platform integration, ProMedica aims to enable the patient by providing them the resources and tools they need to manage and connect their health care information to their providers and back.”

Start connecting with your healthcare provider today. Download the free ProMedica app on your mobile device in the iTunes or Android store.