New Device Monitors Heart Failure Patients at Home

A few years ago, David Breckel’s heart began to fail, at just 58 years old. “I had a terrible time breathing because I was full of fluids. I was on hospice,” said David.

Fortunately, David was a perfect candidate for a new device called CardioMEMS™ and was the first person to receive this technology through the ProMedica Heart Failure Clinic at ProMedica Toledo Hospital.

David’s cardiologist, Brian Dolsey, MD, ProMedica Physicians Cardiology, is the first doctor in the region to perform this cutting edge procedure. He implanted the CardioMEMS device into David’s pulmonary artery — the artery that moves blood from the heart into the lungs. From there, it monitors his artery pressure and heart rate, sending the results via wireless network to the clinic at Toledo Hospital.

“This is cutting edge,” says Dr. Dolsey. “It’s been proven in multiple trials to reduce hospitalizations.”

David can’t feel the device, but sits against a special pillow to get the reading. “Usually it’s just 20-25 seconds and BINGO, it’s done,” says David.

A major benefit of the technology is the ability to catch heart failure before a patient shows any symptoms. Plus, treatment can often be handled over the phone by tweaking medication, which saves rural patients like David a lot of travel time.

“It has improved the quality of my life, says David. See how he uses the CardioMEMS technology in the video above.

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