ProMedica Injects Humor Into Health

“Drink eight glasses of water each day.” “Wash your hands.” “Always wear a seatbelt.”

We’ve heard tips like these ad nauseam, so what’s the key to getting people to take note? Show them a silly alternative.

“I think it’s easy for people to become fatigued when it comes to health and wellness information, “ says Katie Warchol, social media specialist for ProMedica. “Our goal is to provide people with that same information in a format that is fresh, new and funny so those tips will actually stick with them.”

The solution came in the form of Vine, a 6-second social video viewing and sharing platform. The snappy format means users have just a few seconds to express a point, usually in the form of a joke or punch line. In ProMedica’s case, it’s showing those very same health tips against undesirable alternatives.

“These ‘good ideas,’ such as going for a run or wearing a bike helmet, are often coupled with things that are so outrageous, no actual person would choose the ‘bad idea’ scenario. They have a cartoonish quality to them that we personally love,” says Warchol. “This is a great project to work on because it shows we can talk about important health issues, but still have a little fun with it.”

ProMedica employees are completely behind the effort, offering to write, direct and star in the short clips.

“It shows that there are real people behind ProMedica’s efforts to make our communities healthier. We can speak intelligently and seriously about wellness, but we can also be real and have a sense of humor.”

You can catch the “Good Idea/ Bad Idea” comedy series weekly on the Vine mobile app, or by visiting ProMedica’s profile page at The HealthConnect team will also feature Vine videos as they relate to article topics.


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