ProMedica OnDemand: How Virtual Doc Visits Improve Patient Access

Modern technology has changed the experience of doctor house calls. Apps are making it easy to video chat with a doctor for quick and convenient medical consultation.

According to information and analytics firm IHS, the annual number of virtual doctor consults are growing rapidly and expected to reach up to 5.4 million by 2020. Major insurance carriers are following suit with the trend by expanding coverage to include these virtual visits.

Earlier this year, ProMedica launched its virtual visit service, ProMedica OnDemand, which allows patients to talk with U.S. board-certified providers from a mobile app or website. The service offers 24/7 access for patients of all ages.

“ProMedica OnDemand offers patients a convenient, affordable way to get the care that they need when they need it,” said ProMedica Physician David Knieriem, MD. “Due to busy schedules and time commitments, Sometimes it’s difficult for people to get away from home or work. This gives patients one more way to see a provider and receive a medication”

According to Dr. Knieriem, the telemedicine service is ideal for conditions such as allergies, bronchitis, cold and flu, pinkeye, rashes or urinary tract infections.

“Through the webcam we are able to walk you through a basic physical exam,” explained Dr. Knieriem. “Our platform gives you the ability to upload pictures. allowing us to take a closer look. Through this combination of a thorough history and a basic physical exam, we are able to diagnose and treat these conditions with confidence.”

After the virtual visit, the patient receives a visit summary, which can be sent to their primary care provider if desired. Prescriptions may also be sent immediately to the patient’s pharmacy if needed. The visit takes an average of 10 minutes and costs $49 or less, if included in a patient’s insurance plan.

“I really enjoy practicing telemedicine,” said Dr. Knieriem. “It feels like it’s one more way to improve the patient expreience and get them the care that they need”

Watch how ProMedica OnDemand works in the video below with Chrys Peterson and Dr. Knieriem.

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