What is Regenerative Medicine?

If you’re one of the 27 million Americans dealing with osteoarthritis or “wear and tear disease,” as reported by the Arthritis Foundation, you may find comfort in a new, non-surgical treatment option now available to those experiencing moderate to severe joint or bone pain.

Regenexx procedures utilize your body’s own stem cells to repair injuries, explained Roger Kruse, MD, a sports medicine specialist with ProMedica Physicians.

“Stem cells become many different things depending on where you place them,” Dr. Kruse said. “We can use the Regenexx family of advanced regenerative medicine procedures for osteoarthritis of the knee, hip or shoulders. We can also use the technology for tennis elbow, jumper’s knee or Achilles tendonitis.”

Additional treatments can be applied to lower back pain and lumbar disc degeneration.

Regenexx procedures are relatively advanced, and are currently available in six locations across the country. ProMedica is the first health system in Ohio to offer this type of treatment.

A standard regenerative medicine procedure involves removing stem cells from the hip. These cells are often processed and injected into the injured part of the body on the same day. And patients who undergo regenerative medicine procedures can go home right after, and resume light activity within a week.

“There’s not much down time,” said Dr. Kruse. “We’re not working with embryonic or fetal tissue, it’s your own tissue we use and your own body healing itself.”

Dr. Kruse also said that regenerative medicine procedures are less risky than major surgery and may prove more effective than medications or therapy.

Added Ryan Szepiela, MD, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with ProMedica Physicians, on the regenerative medicine technology, “Complication rates are low, patients maintain a high level of function and do not have to go through a lengthy rehabilitation period.”

Click here for additional information on specific Regenexx procedures, such as Regenexx-SD (Same Day), Regenexx PL-Disc, Regenexx AD (Adipose Derived), and Regenexx-SCP (Super Concentrated Plasma). As with many procedures and treatments, regenerative medicine may not work for everyone.

To learn more about ProMedica’s regenerative medicine program, view this video featuring Dr. Kruse.