An Unexpected Surgery Helped One Man See Hawaii

Because of a rare disease at a very young age, followed by numerous health problems and treatments, early cataracts were beginning to rob Ben Niezgoda of his sight. But a family trip to Hawaii was made extra special thanks to a visit at ProMedica Physicians Eye Care.

When Ben’s mom called to make an appointment, the soonest appointment wasn’t available until after their planned trip. Disappointment set in, until the next day when they received an unexpected call to come in.

“When you meet Ben, you can see how infectious his personality is and how enjoyable it is to be around him,” said Trent Albright, MD, ProMedica Physicians Eye Care. With everything Ben had been through and with this special trip in the works, Dr. Albright said “Once Ben walked into that exam room, there was no way we were going to let him go to Hawaii and let him see all those beautiful sites with the cataracts still in his eyes.”

Ben’s cataracts were pretty significant and were in the center of the lens, causing clouding of his vision and a sensitivity to bright lights. But now, after surgery, Ben’s given a thumbs up to his improved sight. He can see clearly, read better and was able to take in the beauty of Hawaii.

“It’s certainly the best part of my job,” said Dr. Albright. “When you get a patient whose life you can change in a matter of minutes.”

Click on the video above to see Ben’s story or learn more about ProMedica Eye Care.