Artwork Uplifts Patients at ProMedica Health and Wellness Center

Can a piece of artwork encourage individuals to develop healthier habits? The designers behind the ProMedica Health and Wellness Center think so.

When the three-story, 230,000-square-foot facility was built, a large ceiling space was reserved for a compelling piece of art.

“One of the most interesting design challenges was how to cause people to take the stairs as opposed to the elevator,” explained Adam Levine, Assistant Director and Associate Curator of Ancient Art for the Toledo Museum of Art. “One of our suggestions was to create a signature artwork that would cause people to have different vistas and different experiences as they climbed those stairs.”

Working together, ProMedica and the Toledo Museum of Art developed a piece, called Volo, that incorporates the imagery of birds in flight and the ProMedica logo. Volo is a Latin word that means to “take flight” or “uplift”.

Kristine Rumman, Lead Studio Artist for Toledo Museum of Art, researched birds flying in V formation. “They’re really dependent upon each other,” she explained. “You sort of envision yourself standing in a field looking up at birds flying over your head. That’s very hopeful; it sort of spoke to the health and wellness aspect.”

The artists used glass from local architectural glass company Pilkington. “They have beautiful color selection,” said Rumman. One type of glass used was even nicknamed “Unicorn glass.”

“It has that beautiful gold quality in reflection,” explained Rumman. “It glows this kind of warmth and comfort.”

Volo close up

Volo installation

Affixed to the high ceiling of the Health and Wellness Center, Volo engages patients as the natural light plays upon the glass. It reiterates a message of hope and community, and invites patients to take the scenic route.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Volo’s installation in this video below:

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