Get With the Team to Go Tobacco Free

More than a quarter of adult Ohioans smoke, as do more than 23% of their counterparts in Michigan. To encourage people to quit smoking cigarettes and cigars – and stop using smokeless tobacco products such as dip and snuff – ProMedica Advocacy has produced two public service (PSA) announcements.

One PSA features advice from Matt Roth, MD, medical director of ProMedica Wellness and team physician for the Toledo Walleye hockey team. He tells viewers to “get with the team” and not use tobacco products, the No. 1 cause of preventable death.

The other PSA features Lauren Czerniak, DDS, of the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio. The dentist says tobacco products don’t just stain teeth; all of them are addictive and deadly.

For more information about how to quit smoking and using other tobacco products, please call the ProMedica Tobacco Treatment Center at 1-855-251-8615.