Imagination Station Digs Up Fun at ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital

For the patients of ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital unable to participate in this year’s Winterfest’s offerings, Imagination Station brought the opportunity to experience a taste of the festivities firsthand.

“Imagination Station is grateful for the opportunity to share some fun and excitement with children who are going through a tough time,” says Paul Morin, public relations and communications coordinator for Imagination Station. “Providing access to interactive science education is important to the science center, so we were glad that our team could share our science activities with children who can’t visit the science center.”

The visit brought some items from Dinosaurs Unearthed, an interactive exhibit featuring life-size animatronic dinosaurs, fossils and skeletons. The exhibit runs now through April 12 at Imagination Station.

“Few things capture the imagination like dinosaurs,” says Morin. “When Imagination Station had the chance to host Dinosaurs Unearthed and bring dinosaurs to life in Toledo, we jumped at the chance.”

When it came to the kids of Toledo Children’s hospital, they got the chance to see many of these artifacts and recreations of actual dinosaur bones.


One young patient touched fossilized dinosaur droppings with curious repulsion…


And even saw how she stacked up to a Tyrannosaurus rex femur.


At the next table, a teen assembled paper dinosaur heads.



Back at the first table, Gizmo decided to get in on the action…


And tried on a Triceratops horn!


“Children learn by doing. Imagination Station knows that providing an opportunity to explore science in a hands-on way makes learning fun and brings the sciences to life,” explained Morin.

Dinosaurs Unearthed runs now through April 12 at Imagination Station. The exhibit features 14 realistic, full-bodied dinosaurs, skeletons, fossil reproductions, and much more tell the stories of dinosaurs’ lives and behavior. Visit for more information.