iPad Donation Provides Comfort to Cancer Patients at ProMedica Flower Hospital

Patients undergoing cancer treatment at the Hickman Cancer Center on the campus of ProMedica Flower Hospital can now expect an extra dose of comfort.

It’s all thanks to Tiffany Fay Moore-Inderbitzin, a 34-year-old woman from Toledo who passed away from a rare type of tonsil cancer in 2011.

Tiffany Fay Moore-Inderbitzin enjoyed providing companionship and comfort to fellow patients at the Hickman Cancer Center. A fund in her name was set up by her family to keep Tiffany’s dream alive.

Diagnosed in 2010, Tiffany underwent treatment at Hickman and quickly realized how fortunate she was to have her mother or husband at every appointment, procedure and treatment.

Tiffany noticed some patients were alone and often mentioned she would like to provide companionship because her favorite thing to do was spend time with others.

“Known for her fun-loving spirit and sense of humor, Tiffany brought joy to everyone she met,’ said Nancy Rogers, Tiffany’s mother. “She never forgot a birthday or special event, and was a rock to lean on in difficult times.”

Nancy continued, “The doctors, technicians and oncology nurses at Hickman provided the medicines to treat Tiffany’s cancer and they also administered love, care and concern, which made treatments more tolerable. Tiffany wanted to pay that forward.”

After Tiffany’s passing, her family decided to establish a fund in her name and direct the money toward patient comfort initiatives.

A portion of the funds was used to purchase iPads so patients at Hickman might have a more relaxing experience. Patients can now listen to music, surf the web, play games, watch movies and read books, thanks to the generous donation.

“Tiffany would be thrilled to know her plan to provide comfort for fellow patients has come to fruition, and so am I, because it provides a way to honor my daughter and keep her memory alive,” Nancy said when she presented the iPads earlier this summer to staff who cared for Tiffany at the Hickman Cancer Center.

To learn more or to donate to the Tiffany Fay Moore-Inderbitzin Fund, please visit giving.promedica.org and click on the Flower Hospital link.