ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital Opening Expanded Emergency Services Department

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital’s Emergency Services department is undergoing a renovation project to expand the department, reconfigure the treatment areas, give the lobby a new look, and enhance the patient care experience. When the nearly $5 million project is completed in December 2013, the Emergency Services department will have:

  • 24 renovated, private patient-care rooms.
  • A total of 31 patient care/treatment rooms, all of which are private.
  • Standardized rooms, which provide improved patient flow and a better patient experience.
  • A centralized core nursing and physician station that keeps healthcare teams closer to patients.
  • A new lobby, registration and waiting area.
  • A children’s activity area, thanks to a generous gift from the St. Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary.

In 2012, both Occupational and Employee Health Services and Emergency Express were relocated so the Emergency Services department’s renovation could begin. The former Emergency Express space was utilized so the renovation could be completed in three phases with minimal disruption to patient care.

The current Emergency Express area also is receiving some modifications as part of the renovation, including the creation of a larger suture room, the addition of a seventh patient care room, and the addition of an enhanced, secured medication room.

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