Summit Attendees Answer: Why Have You Come to the Table?

On Friday, November 14, individuals from health systems, community service organizations, and federal agencies joined in a discussion about the significant link between hunger and health. The Come to the Table summit at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Ga., was the second in a series of regional summits aimed at encouraging U.S. healthcare leaders to help end hunger nationwide through creative collaborations with various community partners.

The free event, hosted by ProMedica and The Alliance to End Hunger, gathered more than 100 individuals from Georgia, the southeast region and beyond.

ProMedica asked attendees, “Why have you Come to the Table today?” Here are some of the answers we captured by video (be sure to click on the speaker icon in each video):

Barbara Petee, ProMedica

Rebecca Middleton, The Alliance to End Hunger

Denise Koo, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Debbie Britt, Piedmont Fayette Hospital and Meals on Wheels Association of America

Kai Dean, Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture

Stephanie Cihon, ProMedica

Marydale DeBor, Fresh Advantage

Lee Hammerling, MD, ProMedica

The conversation didn’t end there. Some attendees answered the question “Why have you Come to the Table today?” on Twitter.

Katie MalaspinaAlan ShannonKristy Martino

Join the ongoing discussion about hunger and health in the comments below or on Twitter using #CTTT2014. Why are you coming to the table to end hunger?