Video: Do You Know What Hunger Looks Like?

One out of every six individuals in the United States is food insecure. That means, according to the World Health Organization, that they lack the physical and economic access to food that meets their dietary needs as well as their food preferences.

One out of every six.

That’s 17.5 U.S. households.

That’s 8.6 million children.

And, chances are, that includes someone you know. Someone you may not even realize is hungry.

What Hunger Looks Like

In March of 2013, ProMedica asked nine volunteers struggling with food security to capture their lives with cameras. The resulting photos and interviews led to ProMedica: Revealing Hunger, a photo exhibit and video which showed hunger through the faces and stories of real people in the community.

Participant Jim Fahey said, “When we think of hunger, we think of Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea — the famines of the ’80s. You’ll see a lot of this nutritional inconsistency…in places [where] you may not even expect it. A lot of folks from the suburbs… are definitely not as sure about the future.”

Regardless of where hunger is present in our communities, it’s apparent that it’s here. And, the responsibility is on all of us to end it. Even if we aren’t personally struggling with food insecurity, we certainly see its effects every day.

In a welcome address at the November 2014 Come to the Table summit in Atlanta, Barbara Petee, Chief Advocacy and Government Relations Officer, ProMedica, stated, “Hunger can affect anyone at any age. It can become a critical issue in the blink of an eye.”

See what hunger looks like. View the Emmy-awarded documentary, Revealing Hunger, below.