Video: What Happens to Your Salvation Army Donation?

The sound of the bell beside the trademark red Salvation Army kettle is familiar during the holiday season. If you’ve put loose change in the kettle, have you ever wondered where your donation goes?

Throughout the year, The Salvation Army serves members of the community through energy, rent, prescription, and clothing assistance, a Choice Food Pantry, at-risk homeless coordination, and Tools for Schools, a program that provides school supplies to children.

It’s for these reasons that ProMedica is a proud partner with the organization, as the conditions in which people are born, live, learn, and work have a significant impact on their overall health. “The healthcare industry…must return to its charitable roots of more than a century ago, when hospitals were community pillars concerned with basic public health needs and overall health and welfare,” said Randy Oostra, ProMedica CEO and President, in a recent paper that addressed population health.

Want to see how your Salvation Army donation impacts people in the community? View the video below.