World’s Superheroes Save Halloween at ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital

Sometimes it takes a community to make Halloween dreams come true, which is why ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital, the Toledo Police SWAT Team, WTOL and Chrys Peterson joined forces to bring a special treat to patients and families at the hospital one day before Halloween.

Twelve SWAT team members dressed as famous superheroes and comic book figures, arrived on the scene in a ProMedica Air helicopter and rappelled down the side of the building.

Watch our exclusive footage as the events unfolded.

Following the annual Toledo Children’s Hospital Halloween parade, staff members took patients to the playroom. There, they watched a special news report by Chrys Peterson, who warned them the evil mastermind Professor Trickster (aka Robert Shiels) had stolen all of Toledo’s Halloween treats to power his winter weather machine. To make matters worse, Trickster had been spotted near the Toledo Children’s Hospital campus.


Peterson reported the only way to foil his diabolical plot was to wave glow sticks from each hospital window to signal the world’s superheroes for help. Patients eagerly waved their glow sticks, hoping the masked men would soon arrive to save the day.


Twelve superheroes arrived just minutes later with a little help from ProMedica Air, after Batman determined the crew would not all fit in the Batmobile. Everyone was assembled and ready to save the day!


Just then, Spiderman and Batman spotted Trickster! There was little time to spare! He was getting away!


Thor wielded his mighty hammer.


Batman stalked the walkway above the hospital, on the lookout for the evildoer.


Ironman suited up and headed toward the action.


The group spotted Trickster at the bottom, so each threw their grappling hooks from the roof and descended to the infamous crook.


A group of onlookers gathered to watch the action unfold, even stopping their cars to watch along ProMedica Parkway. Would their favorite heroes capture Professor Trickster and save Halloween?


Back inside, patients watched as Spiderman showed off his Spidey-skills.


In the end, these twelve superheroes, with the help of Chrys Peterson, brought Professor Trickster to justice, foiled his plot to steal the city’s Halloween treats, and brought smiles to the faces of the ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital children.