3D XTREME Pushes Fitness to the Next Level

There’s a new class at Wildwood Athletic Club that’s challenging participants to take their exercise to the next level. It’s called 3D XTREME™ and it certainly lives up to its name.

Katie Derbeck, a certified personal trainer and instructor with Wildwood Athletic Club, says this 50-minute class is a “high-intensity, team-oriented workout that combines functional, integrated, total body training with explosive calorie-blasting cardio, intense core and interactive team challenges.”

Bosu Balance Trainer
BOSU Balance Trainer, From Bosu.com

If the description alone is enough to make you sweat, don’t worry, the class is for everyone. “All fitness levels are welcome and modifications are provided,” assures Derbeck.

3D XTREME™ uses a variety of equipment to keep participants on their toes for great results. Everyone uses two BOSU Balance Trainers in addition to two other pieces of equipment, which can range from dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, or even just body weight exercises, says Derbeck.

Why a BOSU Balance Trainer? “It’s very effective for practicing balance and stabilization control,” explains Derbeck. And it’s versatile. “It can be used as strength equipment, enhancement for cardio, or even be used as a bench.”

Wildwood Athletic Club received its 3D XTREME certification in January 2016, and it’s an important component to the success of the class. Derbeck explains that the certification ensures a safe and effective workout and aids instructors in everything from the warm-up to the cool down. It also provides the instructor with a video library full of workout ideas to keep the exercises fresh.

“In 50 short minutes participants will attack cardio, core and conditioning.”

Derbeck loves teaching the new class because of the unique challenges it presents. She says, “In 50 short minutes participants will attack cardio, core and conditioning. These three components will never change but the exercises and equipment will, so the body will be continuously challenged week after week.”

Plus, the unique class setup is great for people who enjoy working in team-oriented environments. The class is divided into three teams, giving participants a sense of comradery. It also helps keep motivation and accountability strong as the groups move through the different exercises.

Think you might be interested in 3D XTREME? Get a sneak peak from the video below and watch for classes coming to Wildwood Athletic Club in March.