5 Foods to Cut Out of Your Diet

ProMedica Wellness dietitian Nathan Drendel recently appeared on 13ABC’s InTouch with Jeff Smith to talk about eating healthier in 2016.

This “Cut It Out” segment featured five foods you should cut out of your diet immediately to make way for healthier habits. Here’s Nathan Drendel’s top 5:

1. Pop
Loaded with sugar and calories, regular pop wreaks havoc on your teeth and a nutritious diet. Even diet pop can feed a “sweet addiction”. Opt for “more water, more plain tea, more plain coffee,” says Drendel. (Learn more about how sugary beverages affect your heart.)

2. Unnecessary bread
Humans need about 6-8 servings of grains per day. Drendel explains that breakfast and lunch are often where it’s easy to indulge on the grains. Even a bagel can equal up to three slices of bread.

3. Flavored coffee creamer
Alone, black coffee is nutritious (and can even help you stay hydrated). But “if your coffee is more flavored creamer than coffee, you’re going downhill,” says Drendel. Specialty coffees can sometimes have as many as 500-600 calories. That’s a meal! Skip the sugar and fat in coffee creamer, and, in the words of 13ABC’s Jeff Smith, “Embrace the benefits of black coffee.”

4. Sugary cereal
When it comes to cereal, opt for selections with lower than 4g of sugar per serving and watch your serving size. Drendel says that kids cereal, especially, is where you’ll find many culprits. “If we get the kids away from the sugar, the sweet stuff, they’ll have a much more nutritious diet later in life,” explains Drendel. (Try these healthier breakfast ideas instead.)

5. Alcohol
For those who drink alcohol, it’s important to keep portions under control. According to Drendel, that means one drink per day for women and two per day for men. And, you can’t save up all your drinks for the weekend. “the benefits start getting outweighed by the negatives when you go over that.” says Drendel. (Learn more about how too much alcohol impacts your heart health or try these three alcohol-free mocktails.)

Which of these foods is the hardest for you to limit? Let us know in the comments below.