A Dietitian’s Struggle with His Own Weight

ProMedica dietitian Nathan Drendel, RD, has a healthy lifestyle routine that he takes very seriously.

You’ve probably seen videos of Nathan talking about healthy eating or making a healthy recipe in a ProMedica doctor’s office or on ProMedica HealthConnect. He’s frequently a guest on local TV broadcasts as well. And to look at him, you may never guess that Nathan knows what it feels like to battle weight issues.

“Through the years, weight would creep on and I slowly became the kid on the playground that kids would make fun of…the heavy kid…the ‘fat’ kid,” he says.

The healthy, fit man you see today started off on a not-so-healthy path. In fact, in high school, Nathan’s football and basketball teammates had a name for him: Heifer.

Then one moment in junior high school changed everything. “I jumped on the scale and the first number changed from a 2 to a 3,” explains Nathan. “I looked in the mirror and said, ‘Things have got to change.'”

Watch the video above to learn more about how Nathan has changed his life by developing healthier lifestyle habits, and how he’s motivating others to change their lives through ProMedica Wellness. 

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