Best Stretches for a Better Workout

Stretching sometimes feels like a burden, especially when you’re eager to jump into your workout. But according to Ryan Szepiela, a ProMedica Physician specializing in pain management and rehabilitation, there’s a lot more to stretching than meets the eye.

“Stretching allows blood flow to come into the muscles around the joints and gets everything loosened up,” he said. “This allows you to get into your workouts faster and allows you to have more gain with your workout.”

Two kinds of stretches are key. Keep these simple tips in mind for next time:

Dynamic Stretches

These types of stretches are continuous motion stretches that simulate what you’re going to do in your workout. You’re activating the same muscle groups you’re about to use to get them ready for what’s coming with an elevated heart rate and increase in blood flow.

Static Stretches

These stretches hold the muscle still. They’re great for after a workout, since they help with recovery and pushing out any toxins that have built up during muscle contractions in your workouts.

Watch the following video to better understand the types of stretches and see a demonstration of both types.