Cardiologist Changes His Life with Bariatric Surgery

Todd Monroe, MD, a cardiologist with ProMedica Physicians, has performed thousands of heart procedures in his career. As a doctor, it’s his business to fix hearts and teach people how to keep their hearts healthy through diet and exercise. But it became increasingly difficult for Dr. Monroe to give patients advice as his own health got worse and worse.

“I put myself at the end of the priority list and…I found myself in a position where I was morbidly obese,” says Dr. Monroe. At 330 pounds and a BMI of 50 (the normal range is 18-25), Dr. Monroe had obstructive sleep apnea, prediabetes, and high blood pressure. He also faced depression and pain in his hips and knees.

“If your BMI gets above 40 the chance you’re going to lose weight and keep it off is about 2%,” explains Patrick White, MD, bariatric surgeon with ProMedica Physicians. Weight loss surgery can help with long-term success.

Ultimately, it was Dr. Monroe’s developing health condition that made him move forward with surgery. “I did not want to become a diabetic,” he says. “I said I need to do something drastic in my life to make this change.”

ProMedica HealthConnect Correspondent Chrys Peterson talked with Dr. Monroe about his journey through bariatric surgery, which helped him lose more than 100 pounds and make significant lifestyle changes. Watch the story below to see his story.

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