Quiz: Are You a Health-Savvy Grocery Shopper?

Are You a Health-Savvy Grocery Shopper?

Navigating a grocery store can be a challenge, with temptations around every corner and confusing food labels. Take our 10-question quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about healthy shopping.
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Brush up on your grocery shopping skills

All the topics from this quiz came from real-life ProMedica HealthConnect articles, designed to keep your next meal or grocery trip better informed. Read on to learn a little more about the topics in each answer.

The best place to start, and one which should come as no surprise, is the produce section of your local store. The choices alone can be overwhelming, but with some smart tips on what’s in season, you can be sure your family stays fed with food that’s at peak freshness and likely most affordable. Moving through the store, you’ll encounter food label upon food label, and though it can be daunting, these articles on the FDA’s new food label changes, and the best ways to pick from the overwhelming bread and yogurt choices, should get you off to a good start.

While we’re on the subject of labels, we know to keep an eye out for ingredients like sugar and trans fats. The trick here is recognizing when an item has more sugar than it really needs, in the form of added sugar. Here’s how to identify common foods with more sugar than you’d expect. Now that you’re an expert label reader, you know that something with zero trans fats is a good sign, right? Not so fast. Be sure to watch out for key words and phrases like “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” or “vegetable shortening” to signify the presence of trans fats. You’ll want to read more about trans fats in food in this article.

Seafood is an often forgotten about protein, but as ProMedica Wellness dietitian Nathan Drendel points out, even frozen varieties can pack a great amount of lean protein and omega-3’s. Here’s how to pick the best kinds of seafood, and how to prepare them.

Easy meals and snacks that are also nutritious don’t have to be a fairy tale. We developed these kid-friendly snack recipes with a dietitian. And when dinner just isn’t coming together and the drive-thru is looking like a sure bet, resist the temptation and try one of these 5 Healthy Meals to Make in a Snap. The article has plenty of crowd-pleasers like quesadillas, tuna melts and even cauliflower crust pizza.