Spruce up Your Meals With Spring Fruits and Veggies

If you are in a food rut, a good way to start expanding your diet is to purchase in-season produce. Let’s check in with some of the best fruits and vegetables to buy this time of year. This will ensure the most fresh and flavorful meals and at a better cost!

If we are looking to get the most bang for our buck as far as nutrients with fruits and vegetables, we can consider how we prepare them. While cooking vegetables does affect the nutrients within them, comparing raw versus cooked vegetables is complex, and it does vary between different vegetables. There is a lot we still don’t understand about how nutrients interact within the body one way or another, as well as long term. Our main focus should be adding plants into our diet any which way, aside from fried and covered in butter. The more we are able to do with produce as far as cooking and adding herbs/seasonings the more delicious they are and the more likely we are to eat them!

However, if you are someone who is still looking to prepare them in their most ideal way, lightly steamed is going to maintain the most nutritional value of most vegetables. If you are overcooking all of your veggies to mush, you are decreasing the value of the nutrients and the fiber. We want their full impact!

Some of the foods on the list below may seem a little unfamiliar, but preparing them doesn’t have to be complicated. Rhubarb, for instance, can be used in a traditional mirepoix to make soup. You can also roast it with a sprinkle of sugar and as them as a salad topper. Or, you can pickle them! Radishes are also a great salad topper. You can saute and roast them alone or with other foods. Typically, they are better sliced into smaller pieces, or you could mince them and add them to homemade or store bought salsa. Get creative and have some fun testing new foods with different flavors.

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