The Right Way to Train for a 5K

When it comes to a race event like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, you want to make sure you’re performing your personal best while supporting the cause. It may sound like a lot to live up to, but training for a 5K doesn’t have to be daunting with the right advice.

“Preparing your body for any running distance is important to ensure a good experience– whether it’s your first race or you’re a veteran and want to improve your time,” says Stephanie Egan, a certified personal trainer for ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club. “Training for a 5K allows your body to gradually build up the strength and stamina to successfully complete that distance, in this case, 3.1 miles.”

Egan says the specific training that’s needed varies for each individual depending on their goal, but all runners need a common base and some speed work to run a successful 5K. She stresses the importance of starting with a good warm up that includes dynamic stretching, then progressing to running drills and intervals. This can be done at a pace that’s appropriate for any skill level.

Those looking for a more guided approach may be interested in the athletic club’s Run Club, which gives members an opportunity to ask questions about their current routine and receive help with training. The club meets for 30 minutes twice a week and is only open to current athletic club members at this time.

“Beginners and veterans are all welcome. I would tell a beginner that they would also want to do at least one additional day of running on their own but the class would be a great guide to set them on a path to successfully complete their first 5K,” she says.

Run Club begins with the athletic club’s fall program offerings. For more information about Wildwood Athletic Club, visit